Optimise the use of commercial space

Generate layout and design examples easily

Les entreprises utilisatrices des bâtiments souhaitent que ceux-ci puissent être adaptés au plus proche de leurs besoins.

DIGIPHYSE, une solution numérique permettant de visualiser, en quelques clics, des exemples d’agencement et  d’aménagement. Très rapidement, vous pouvez visualiser les plans 2D et 3D et faire une première analyse des surfaces et de leurs usages.

Use cases


Get a quick idea of the capacity of a building, a floor ...

Our algorithm makes it possible to reduce by more than 50% the time required to perform a test fit.
With the same requirements (surface area, rooms, etc.), our solution makes it possible to quickly visualise examples in different buildings.


Accelerate your sales processes

Allow prospects to project themselves and make their decision more serenely and quickly
With just a few clicks, a potential buyer can see an example based on his company's size and his needs.


Quickly visualize the departmental distribution of a company

With our solution, you can divide the needs into departments. Thanks to this, you can visualise the distribution of spaces and departments of a company.


Optimize layout in accordance with the new working methods

The new ways of working, whether at the office, at home, and so on, will lead companies to use less space.
Our solution allows you to aggregate and show unused space up.

  • Turn the prospect into a customer faster.
  • Highlight unoccupied spaces and visualize development possibilities.
  • Adapt surfaces to new ways of working.
  • Save time by starting with an example.

A solution created for


Property managers