For Real Estate Consultants

Speed up your office leasing processes

A solution that allows you to present your offer in an innovative way

Today, there is a real interest in quickly visualising the layout possibilities for an existing office or a vacant space. Our algorithm allows us to respond quickly to each request.

On request, we can produce 3D office design proposals in record time.

You send us:

  • The plan to be arranged (dwg, rvt, ifc...)
  • The tenant's needs (number of workstations, types of rooms, etc.)

Deliverables on D+2:

  • A PDF document with your graphic chart detailing all surfaces.
  • A web interface for viewing 2D and 3D plans.

3D offers a very good understanding of the possibilities of a surface, making it easier to make decisions. The tenant can project himself and thus make his decision more serenely and quickly..

Save time

Rent faster

Add value to your assets